Our Services

Our services include:
  • Closing Document Preparation
  • No Wire Fees for Sales Proceeds
  • Upfront Title Insurance Quotes
  • Condo Documents ( if needed)
  • Flexible Scheduling for closings
  • Notary Services (Free to our customers)
  • Reissue Credits on Title Insurance Premiums
  • Complete and Thorough Title Searches
  • Transfer of  Manufactured Home Titles
  • Mail Away Closings/ Email Closings
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Ordering of Surveys
  • Courteous, Professional & Knowledgeable Staff 

Most of all at the end of your closing you will have the peace of mind that your closing and title insurance needs have been met.  Please contact our courteous staff with any questions during our normal business hours for more information or for any questions. We look forward to handling all of your future title insurance needs. 

Below you can click to view our Best Practices Manual and our Certificate of Compliance.  If you need any additional information please contact us by phone or email at 239-482-5984 or closings@accenttitleinsurance.com.

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